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How To Edit A Pic In PicsArt Beautifully - Mission Techal

Today DPs of our social profiles are very important for us and everyone want to make it impressive and attractive,  so here I'm sharing a simple trick to edit a picture in PicsArt simply,
Here are simple trick step by step to edit a pic with picsart.
If you don't know about picsart, then read this full post, this post is also have a video tutorial for better understanding.

• What is PicsArt?

"PicsArt is a photographer editing, collage and drawing application and a social network. PicsArt enables users to take and edit pictures, draw with layers, and share their images with the PicsArt community and on other networks like Facebook and Instagram. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. It is also available on PCs running Windows 8.1 or higher."

You can download it from here.

• Process Flow:

› Firstly open your PicsArt app with the picture which you want to edit.
› Now click on Effects and then click on 'colors'.

› Now swipe the effects and find for 'Saturation'.
› Double click on it and adjust amount according the picture.

› Click on eraser icon top of your mobile screen.
› Now adjust brush size and hardness.

› Now swipe your finger, where you want to remove effect(face, body etc...) As showing in the screenshot.
› Then click on ok...

› Again click on effects and then on FX.
› Double click on seafoam.

› Adjust amount for better skin tone and click on eraser.
› Adjust brush size and hardness and then click on inverse icon(left side of clear button)

› Now swipe your finger, where you want to apply effect(face, body etc.) And click on ok button.
› Now if you want to crop your picture as square fit size click on crop button and again click on crop.

› Adjust size or angle of the picture and click on ok.
› That's all done now save the picture by clicking on forward button icon and then click on Gallery.

Before | After

• Video Tutorial:

Watch video tutorial of this post with every single steps...

• Final word:

This trick work on all version but new version may have some different options so it's not my responsibility that the trick work on your current version of PicsArt.
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