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How To Change App's Name or Icon Without Root

Friends, Today I'm sharing the trick which is very interesting... Yes! Interesting because change any app's name or icon in your android phone its sound like magic that can't happen in reality without root your phone but now this miracle is possible with that trick which is you are reading, so lests start...

» Steps:

• Open the Play Store in your android phone.
• Type Nova Launcher in search bar and click enter.
• Wait till it download and installed.
• Now open the app, it will be applied successfully.
• Now the final step, top and hold on the app which you want to change name or icon.
• Drag on the edit option and now you can edit name or icon by clicking on it.
• Select new icon from other apps or from gallery. 
• Change as you want and now save it. Thats all done the changes has been saved!

» Video Tutorial:

» Final Words:

If you want to hide some apps in your android phone that is best option. And this app also provides many other useful features so you can use it.


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