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TeeSpring : Best Way To Earn Online With Zero Investment - Mission Techal

Hello Techallers, How are you doing? I hope you will fine. Let's talk about online earning if you ask me, what is the easiest way to make money online then my answer would be – TeeSpring! The coolest part is that, you don’t need to have any website or any office to get started & secondly, you can start with ZERO investment.

So, what we are going to do here?

We are gonna sell T-Shirts! That sounds crazy, Right? Yes, but believe me it is not as difficult as you are thinking or not boring like marketing or refer your friends.
Then you are thinking what to do?

Let us begin…

• Basis requirements:

› Good Internet Connection

› Creativity *Most Important Part

If you have both of the above list then ready for the blast! YES, you need one more thing that  is your hard work.

• Make with TeeSpring:

Before proceeding further, let me introduce you to teespring. It is an online marketplace of T Shirts where you can buy Tees of your choice. You can either customize yourself or buy ready-made garments.

• Process Steps:

  • Create an awesome T Shirt Design(Very Easy)
  • Launch Campaign
  • People Order Your T Shirt
  • You Earn Money
  • Printing & Delivering Will Be Handled By TeeSpring

To begin with TeeSpring, you need to open a new account through This Link. Now login & click on ‘create & sell’ option.

Then you will see an editor like this Screenshot:

Now you are thinking it is very difficult but trust me it’s quite easy to use, no technical stuffs at all, easy to understand editing tools. Just enter text, some cool symbols from in-built artwork & you are good to go! It is very easy than you think.

MTip: An attractive and interesting design will increase your sell and earning so try to do your best in this part.

On the right side of the screen you’ll find designing options. Select the quality of tee material(high quality means higher price). I prefer Hanes Tagless Tee because they are relatively cheaper & give good returns on investment.

Here’s a sample of my T Shirt Design:

Now you've completed design part of your T Shirt, click on ‘Sell This’ button. Now set your goal, means how much t shirts you want to print. It's very simple. Just go with 20 to 50 number or any other number you want.

If you scroll down, you will found an  ‘apparel’ option. Teespring not just sells tees but they also have many options for us like coffee mug, handbags, hoodies, sweatshirt & many other products. Just customize them however you want at no extra cost. More products = more profits
Simple NA! ;)

Now edit the price the way you want. I will recommend to go with lesser price. You will get less profits(in the range of $2/sell)

MTip: Set lesser price will make more sells
It is better to set low price at beginning.

Click on next button again to go further.

It's time to apply your creativity. Give a nice & attractive title or thoughts to your design you can also use trending topics related design. I’m not so good at it, but I think I have some ideas that will be useful for you:

Select the suitable category & finally launch your campaign!

If your design is really awesome you can't think how much are you going to earn. I have seen many guys making more than $500/M using this method.

MTip: If you have good amount of followers on social media then buy a T Shirt for yourself and click some awesome pic with it and upload it on your social account and include link to buy this is solid way to increase your sell.

So, Techallers be creative and create something awesome that people would love to buy. To make this simple, I will suggest you to do these things for increase your sells:

✓ Go to Facebook.com open your fb account and see right side bar. There you will find list of trending stuffs. You can choose from them to make a design about it.
✓ Want one more? Okay here is that, goto buzzsumo.com and see which facebook post is getting shared most in last 48 hours. Then check what is their niche & create tees related to it. Interesting?? Really want one more?? Okay but it's last ;)
✓ Visit www.google.com/trends to get the list of popular searches on Google.  I think I don't need to tell what to do with it ;)

• Final Words:

So, trust me this is the best money making method out there which doesn't​ require any special skills, big amount of investment. Just be creative, invest 15 minutes & test the success! Want to earn even more? Then just visit our online money making list.


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