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We believe that - Earn and Share with who deserve​ it.

We loved to share our earned revenue with our users we think that we earn it because of them. Here you'll get all details about our contests, giveaways, competitions and events. List of our running and completed contests is below:

» Sunday Super Hero:

Coming Soon: Every Sunday

We are planning a weekly contest where we'll give Paytm Cash as prize money. In this contest you need to complete 1 task in every week's sunday, don't think that task means any boring job, it is simply like watch any interesting video or read useful post and we'll directly send contest task/instructions in your WhatsApp or Email Inbox so don't miss this opportunity and Join Our Mailing List and WhatsApp Broadcast now. Don't worry your contact details are fully protected and never shared with anyone in any condition, for more information read our Privacy Policy here.

› Requirements:

• Now we support this contest for Indian users only(Other country and PayPal money will support soon).
• We'll directly send the details in your WhatsApp or Email Inbox so join it now.
• Join Our Mailing List by clicking on bottom-right message icon.

• Join WhatsApp Broadcast:
1. Save our contact number in your phone book as 'Mission Techal'.
2. Send 'SUB YourName' us on WhatsApp.

› How to Enter:

• We'll send task details in your WhatsApp or Email Inbox every Sunday*.
• Follow the instructions and complete the task simply.
• Your entry will be accepted till 11:59:59 PM every sunday night.
• Winners will get a message on their Email/WhatsApp.
• Reply that message with your paytm account number and you'll get your prize money instantly.

MTip: "your activity is rank up you to win our contests, so increase your engagement(Like, Comment, Share) with us to get more chances to win"

› How will we choose Winners:

• If you got a task to comment on post or video we'll use random comment picker.
• If you get a task to like or share any post we'll use random number picker.
• In any other condition our team will choose winners in custom way and it'll depend on users Engagement and honestly with us.

?What is Engagement:

✓ Leave your thoughts via comments.
✓ Share with your friends and family.
✓ Drop a like where you got it.
✓ Keep active on our social pages(Youtube, Facebook, Instagram​, Twitter, Google+ etc.)

That's all! Remember we'll manually track your activity.

» Terms and Conditions:

• Join WhatsApp Broadcast and Mailing List is compulsory.
• You need to complete your entry till 11:59:59 PM and after it will be not valid.
• It may run on any of our platforms like Blog, YouTube YouTube Channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Or Google+ Pages, so click and follow it.
• If we find any illegal or invalid act done by you we'll refuse you from winners.
• Price money may be min Rs.10/- and max Rs.50/-
• Mission Techal has rights to change in this contest any time.
• Respect other users and team members if we find any bad behaviour you'll be blocked from the contest without any warning.

» Giveaway Contest:

» "550/- Paytm Cash Giveaway"
Links: | Giveaway Video | Winners An. Video | Giveaway Page |

» "1000 Paytm Cash Giveaway"
Links: Giveaway Video | Winners An. Video | Giveaway Page |

"If have any other questions or suggestions contact us or leave your comments below"


  1. really doing well with your hard work we were really support to you good luck.

    1. Thanq so much buddy!
      Pls keep support and suggest to your friends and family.

  2. Great start towards 100k sub

  3. Thaq so much #dhruv pls keep support us and we'll soon make a family of 100k subs:)

  4. This is unique and interesting!

    1. Thanks buddy!
      Please keep support 👍

  5. Mujhe samaj mai nahi aata h

    1. You can read the above page again for better understanding,
      Or ask me anything 😊


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